About us

Our company Supplying in the Dardanell Stait and all ports of Turkey since 2004. It provides services by supplying Proision , Bondedstore ,Cabin Store, Deck Store, Technical -Medical Items, BA Charts, Publications, Safety Equipment, Chemical Items... and other needs.


Our company provides services with a wide range of food and products with our 5000 m2 domestic product warehouses and 500 m2 warehouse stocks in the center of Çanakkale. (Coordinates of the warehouses and the company:
40 08'58.70"N - 26 26'26.83"E 40 08'39.43"N - 26 25'37.12"E )


Our company accepts orders 48 hours in advance in order to provide the highest level of service. In addition, it has the agility to provide 90% of the main food items within 2-3 hours in extreme situations, thanks to the transit and domestic products stored in our own warehouses with appropriate consumption dates and under the necessary conditions.